Readings by Robin Haynes

Be empowered
and connected to your path

About Robin

Since a young age, Robin has been a gifted intuitive and deeply connected to nature. Her spiritual gifts are very strong, and she is guided by a deep commitment to the progress of the human race and its awakening to a productive and balanced collaboration with nature to create a world that is defined by harmony, respect and a sense of wonder and appreciation for all life.

Your path is your journey

A reading with Robin is often a catalyst for a deepening of ones spiritual journey. As we live and develop our soul purpose, often it is that we encounter someone who offers guidance. But what is their agenda? Robin takes her gifts seriously and with every reading she goes deep with the client to discover how and why they can shift their mindset and their decision making to evolve their soul, uplift their life and go boldly forth into the future.

clear guidance with no agenda

When you get a reading with Robin, all attention is on you. What is happening in your life, what has happened, what you may not be aware of and what to notice. Ever reading is different and individual for each person. Give a gift to yourself and book a reading with Robin to learn, develop and get clarity on what is at hand and what may come.